The Raven

The Raven

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kootman's Pro Bono Work

Agenda Item No. 19 Case No. 270380

Dr. Jeffrey H. Kootman

Dr. Kootman was present, along with his surgical assistants Marla and Vivian. This case was the result of an adverse occurrence in which the patient ultimately died. Dr. Kootman stated that he self-reported the adverse occurrence and reported it timely. As far as the treatment is concerned, he still wondered what he could have done differently.

In response to intense questioning by the Board, Dr. Kootman testified that the patient presented to him as per his contract with the State Hospital to treat its patients. The patients sign their own consent forms for treatment. If they appear unable to understand the procedure, Dr. Kootman would not perform the treatment. Dr. Kootman did not immediately call 911 in this instance because the patient was breathing on his own; he was just slow to awaken from the anesthesia. He chose to call the State Hospital first to find out whether they wanted the patient transported back to them or to a hospital. He was told to make the decision and he chose to call 911. After the incident, the security guard who transported the patient from the State Hospital.

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