The Raven

The Raven

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Re: Jewish mother to her son/daughter, Vy do'n you call anymore?

Dirty diabetic socks for free just write to
Alto recorder free
Lots and and lots of piano and violin music free,
Lots of old books free,
lots of DVDs and Music Tapes free'
Lots of old ideas free,
Free advice,Class action suit against Dr Kootman and United HealthCare
Class action suit against FTC and IT,
Class action suit against Joe Arpaio and Gov. Brewer Free,
Class action suits against anyone you don't like, Free

I am statrting work on a novel called The Idiot Dentist of Bell Road and his Girl Leftovers. It will be based on Dostoyevesky's,  The Idiot and his Family of Nitwits, which will include Area for Aging and Adultery, the Attorney General's office, various and sundry lawyers, and other groups which are designed to prey off the weak, sick, old, and mentally infirm. such as churches, synagogues and grave diggers.

Zootman will be portrayed as a modern day Prince Myshkin who could be portrayed by Mel Gibson in a movie and his girl Leftovers by Sylvia Silverstein. His brother Richard will be played by Woody Allen.

Prince Zootman in the story after many harrowing adventures decides to  turn over a new leaf and give back his ill-gotten gains from IT to Everyman portrayed by the diabetic 240 pound google bloggster who no one reads, called Everyman in the book.

Subscription and advance orders of the book should be sent to the Arizona State Mental Hospital.

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google

Actually, the novel should be Based on Frank Norris's 1899 thriller McTeague where the Dentist McTeague is handcuffed to his arch enemy and rival after he kills him in a knockdown fight in Death Valley.

This novel is expecially recommended to incoming ASU student's who want to practice dentistry without a license.

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